Monday, April 30, 2007

The GMA Report

As you may have noticed, I have not been on the air for the past week and a half. Reason being GMA. GMA is the annual conference where EVERYONE involved in the Christian Music Scene heads to Nashville to eat, drink and schmooze. So I went down, and here's how things went down.

We flew down to Nashville (in a very small airplane) and checked into the hotel. We had the night to enjoy the city, so what do good Canadian kids do? We went to the hockey game. Nashville lost to the Sharks which did 2 things. Eliminated the Preds from the playoffs and gave members of the Sharks a reason to celebrate into the wee hours of the night. Sadly their celebration happened to be in the room next door to ours. So at 3 in the morning I found myself eavesdropping to find out who it was making the noise in the adjacent room. After much deduction I conclude that it is Joe Thornton and Steve Bernier, along with some lady friends. Now I'm tired at this point so my judgement is pretty much non-existent. I take my hotel notepad and write "Hey Joe... You Suck! the Stars fan in room 1027" and I slide it under the door. He didn't much like the note, but he restrained himself from coming through our door in a drunken rage. (Even if he did my roommate was ready to hit him with the lamp off the bed-side table.)

Seminars all day, then to Jack's BBQ for Dinner... SOOOOOO GOOD! We worked off the food with an exploratory walk around downtown.

Artist Meet-N-Greet and the beginning of 30+ interviews in 2 and a half days. I went to an Urban Showcase (concert) at night.

Lots of interviews with lots of people... Hawk Nelson, KJ-52, Jessie Daniels, Nevertheless, and much more! Concerts both nights; Kevin Max, The Afters, Canton Jones, Sean Simmonds. I tried to go to the Sanctus Real show, but I didn't have ID with me, and (apparently) I look like I'm under 21.

Some final seminars and then off to the Dove Awards at night. The Doves were a little disappointing to be totally honest. They'd have performers during the show and I was getting excited to see Leeland, Red and Family Force 5 live. HOWEVER, they went "live" to Rocketown (a club in Nashville) to see all the slammin' bands. It was actually a video they recorded a week earlier. BUMMER! I did get to see the Crabb Family and Take 6 though! [sarcasm] To top things off Mat Kearney was shut out of the awards... So I left a little disappointed, but I still enjoyed the whole awards show.

Here are some pics of the mayhem that ensued....
Wonderdog with Hawk Nelson (gettin' ready for their baseball tour)

With Jessie Daniels (so friendly)

With Lincoln Brewster (the best worship leader in the world)

AJ & "The King"

With Brandon Heath (he invited me over to play on his XBox... It wasn't as creepy as it sounds)

I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures and the highlites of the trip for me.