Monday, April 2, 2007

A New Addition

This past weekend, (after much research on Crystal's part), Crystal and I made the trek up to Bracebridge to get our new puppy. An 8 week old cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle cross) that we decided to name "Snax." Now if you've never had a puppy you'd likely think it's all fun and games... Not so! Puppies like to get in trouble. I think they deliberately do things they know are wrong just to see how stern you're going to be with them. But aside from the toilet training, and constant supervision they require, they are sooooooooooo much fun. Snax only sleeps for a couple hours at a time, so we're constantly being woken up by a puppy who's ready to play. On Saturday night I was up with Snax and she decides to jump off the couch... I thought she was going to die! She limped for a few minutes afterwards, but 10 minutes later she was running around again. Then Sunday morning I was sitting on the couch with her (watching TSN) and I got up to answer the phone. As I'm by the phone with my back turned to her I hear this THUMP! I turn around to see what made the noise, and Snax comes sauntering over to me. Now she's taking the leap without any hesitation. It's amazing. Having a puppy is a test of patience for sure, but it is also such an incredible experience. Even though she pees on the rug (and I step in it as I head to the bathroom to get the sleep out of my head), I am so glad she's a part of our family and wouldn't trade it for anything!

The new arrival on the way home.

Road trips make her sleepy.

Playing with her new tennis ball.

The new (expanded) Wonderdog family.