Thursday, April 5, 2007

I Told Ya So

The Leafs are out of the playoffs for the second straight year. But this is not a bad thing Leaf fans! Oh no, not at all. You see if the Leafs keep getting worse, which they are on the path to doing, then by the time John Tavares is coming into the draft the Leafs might have the #1 pick. Think about it... 2009, the Leafs pick a Superstar who grew up in the GTA. Think of how you could market that! Look at Sidney Crosby, look at what he's done with a lousy Pittsburgh team. That could be the Leafs if they do this the right way. Blow up the team, suck eggs for a couple years, then you pile up this good young talent and make your way back to respectability! I think I might apply for the GM job at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment after the fire John Ferguson Jr this summer.