Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lumberjack Styles

NHL playoffs kicked off tonight, and it has caused some dissension among the radio ranks at Life 100.3. I come in this morning to a note on my door:

"Let the trash talking begin...
start watching Dallas now AJ -
because they won't be around much longer after
my Canucks are done with 'em!
Can you believe this? Woody Woodland... I liked him! Well I guess he started it right? Anything I do from here on in is retaliation right? I must admit I've found myself caught up in the hype of the playoffs beginning today. Can you believe Ottawa still had 1500 tickets available for tonight's game? I'm thinking of getting tix to Saturday afternoon's game, there's still lots of those left. and I WAS going to take Woody, but maybe not anymore ;-)