Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Paradigm Shift

It's amazing what a puppy will do to how you see things. Crystal and I went over to her parents' for dinner tonight. Her parents happen to have a standard poodle (Callie) and I've know her for years now. But today it seemed to me like Callie was WAY bigger than she ever was before. Now I know she hasn't grown since I last saw her, but after 10 days of playing with a little puppy, Callie seemed like a horse! I expected that feeling to go away by the time dinner ended, but as I left their house I still found myself thinking: "That dog is massive!" It's amazing how that happens huh? Do you think it happens to us with God too? We see God one way for so long, then when we have an encounter with him (say at a retreat or conference) we leave saying: "WHOA! He's huge!"