Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Music

We've officially gone all Christmas music here at LIFE 100.3.

Somehow I got this reputation as Scrooge, saying I don't like Christmas music. That is untrue.

I like this Christmas music.

I also like this

and finally... this song.

So, let's get this straight.

I DO like Christmas music!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sorry I Missed You Brooke

Tuesday night Brooke Fraser played the Opera House in Toronto, I wasn't there. Wish I could have been, but it was a sold out show and I wasn't sure if I'd have the night off.

It seems like everyone I know was at that show. Even Ben Davy was there!

So I missed it. By all accounts it was a fantastic show. Thankfully my friend Allie took some video so I could get a sample of the fun.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Change vs Consistency

I had an interesting discussion with Crystal a couple days ago.  We were talking about different management personalities, and which ones we preferred to work under.

Crystal's management is constantly changing things.  Changing the way things look in the flyer (she works in advertising).  Changing what the emphasis is on.  Changing the way things are positioned on the page.  It drives her crazy.  There is little consistency.

I work for people who love consistency.  Just keep doing what you're doing, and do it with excellence.  Change?  It's a four letter word.

It makes sense, advertising needs to keep doing something new and fresh, otherwise it becomes white noise and people ignore it.  People tune in to the radio to hear consistency.  They want to hear their favourite songs, weather and news.  They don't want to be surprised by what comes out of the speaker.

But I am naturally wired to push for change.  I like change, like to try new things (so what if they fail!), like to push the envelope and stretch people.  In my mind if you maintain status quo, then you'll soon be passed by the innovators, the people who are looking for news ways to do things.

I was at a conference a couple years ago where the speaker talked about AmTrak, and how they viewed themselves as in the "train business" not the "transportation business".  That decision is the reason they are saddled with debt and no longer own the transportation industry the way they once did.

So where's the balance?  I don't think you win by maintaining the status quo, but too much change isn't a recipe for success either.  What do you think?  Which do you prefer?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorite Things

Yesterday was a big day for the Wonderdog, after five and a half years on The Slam, I introduced my final Slam song. I moved on to the daytime (10-Noon).

It's an exciting time, and here are my 3 favorite things about the change:

1 - I Can Date My Wife Again
Crystal and I have been married for 4 years, and the majority of that time we have worked opposing shifts. Meaning we only saw each other (awake) on weekends. Now we get to hang out at night and make dinner together.

2 - I Feel Like I'm In My Sweet Spot
Along with the midday on-air shift, I'll also be doing fundraising and I feel like it's a natural fit. I've had a couple meetings with people and each time I've left the meeting feeling like I'm in some sort of super groove.

3 - Small Groups
I haven't been part of a community group since I moved to Barrie, and I miss it. The friendships, doing life together, growing spiritually and being stretched. I can't wait to join a group. (I'm looking at you Andy Walker)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Most Important Person In The Room

I had the pleasure of attending the Hope In The City breakfast for the Salvation Army this morning. Ben Davy did a FANTASTIC job hosting, and Pinball Clemons hit a homerun with his keynote speech.

But what amazed me the most was not Pinball's inspiring talk.

It wasn't Pinball's seemingly endless amount of energy.

It wasn't they way the crowd reacted and participated.

It happened once the breakfast was over.

People lined up to talk to Pinball. To get him to sign their jersey, bobbleheads and programs. And for each person, he took his time, asked questions and seemed to be genuinely interested in their story. He made each person that came up to him feel like a star.

Incredible! This guy is the all-time leading rusher in professional football. He's one of the biggest names in the HISTORY of Toronto sports. And he treated each person in line like they were the most important person in the room.

Yes, he was a talented football player, but the way he treated people this morning put him in a totally different airspace from other elite athletes.

I left thinking, do I do that when I meet people? I'm in no way a celebrity, but when I interact with people, do they feel like they are the most important person in the room at the time?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Air Raid 18

Air Raid 18 is in the books.

A hot, sweaty, sold out crowd enjoyed the musical talents of Hearts In Stereo, Manafest and Superchick.

Sounds like everyone had a good time and enjoyed the latest Air Raid offering. Now we work on Air Raid 19!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Funny

No intro needed.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lighten Up

The last couple posts have been of a more serious tone, so I thought it might be time to lighten things up on the Wonderblog.

Smile away.

For more laughs, check out Between Two Ferns with Zack Galifinakis

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Truth Project

I began the day with an interesting conversation with a couple friends. You see, I attend a church that has a reputation as being soft on truth.

Where that reputation comes from... probably from people who have never been on a Sunday morning. (But that's another post for another day)

While talking to my friends, (who work at the church) this rumor came up in conversation, and they said it could not be further from the truth. In fact, the lead pastor takes quite a firm stand on truth.


[cue self reflection]

Which way do I lean? Both friends said they lean towards grace over truth. I think I would agree.

I struggle with speaking truth to people. If someone is making bad decisions, say eating unhealthy, it's hard for me to say "you should quit the fast food and try eating a little healthier." Or if a friend is watching some inappropriate movies, I'd probably not speak up and say they shouldn't do that. That's between them and God.

Maybe it's because I've experienced my share of judgemental Christians who do not speak truth with any love or tact. Maybe I've vowed to never be like them, and in response have swung too far the other way?

I spoke to our Jr High students about judging people inside the church, and how we're supposed to hold our Christian brothers/sisters to a higher standard, but it's not easy. I struggle with it.

We are saved by grace, nothing we do (or don't do) can punch our ticket to heaven. But we as Christians ARE called to a higher standard of living right? It's tough.

Where are you on the scale? Am I alone in these struggles?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Wish List

We're just a few weeks away from Christmas and I should probably get out and start my shopping. I doubt my family has started their shopping either, because I haven't received the annual email: "what do you want?"

What do I want?

I don't really need anything.

I guess I want Inception or a hoodie, but I could probably do without either of those.

We need blinds for the house, some paint to throw on the white walls, some accents to make the house feels more like a home. But people don't buy you that stuff for Christmas.

Here's a can of paint son. Merry Christmas!

I think I'd rather give up my Christmas... kinda like this.

The story of charity: water - The 2009 September Campaign Trailer from charity: water on Vimeo.

Here I am asking for something totally unnecessary, while there are people that don't even have clean water.

Would you consider giving up your Christmas?

***You can read the incredible story of charity:water HERE***

Friday, November 5, 2010

Broken & Beautiful

Last week I posted about my odd like for abandoned buildings. I came across this intensely beautiful video today.

Six Flags New Orleans shut down in 2005 in preparation for Hurricane Katrina. It never reopened. This is a 6-minute video tour of the park today.

In other news, watch this world record sudoku attempt.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Complications Arise

We're hosting Christmas this year, so a couple weeks ago Crystal and I bought a dishwasher to prepare for the mountain of dishes that will appear after our Christmas dinner.

Maybe I'm cheap (likely), or maybe I just like to do things myself (also likely), but I wanted to do the installation myself. I talked to my Dad (the expert) and we agreed on Thursday morning as the install date. I went out last weekend and got everything I thought I needed.

This morning I slept in a little and got ready for my Dad's arrival. I wanted to get started before he arrived, so I figured I could drill the holes in the cupboards for the hoses to run through. I got my drill, the correct bit, and was about to drill when I thought: do I drill it high or low?

So I called my Dad. (Higher than the pipe the hose drains into.)

So I started to drill. I barely finished my first hole (of three) and my drill died. Stupid battery. Luckily I keep the second battery charged for such a time. Second battery is also dead. Crap!

So I put the battery to charge, check my email, do some laundry and wait for Dad to arrive.

Dad arrives and we get crackin. We head into the basement where the electrical for the dishwasher is roughed in. A quick inspection and everything seems to be in order. He tests the wires, and there's no power running through them. That's good.

However, we discover that the drain hose is too short. I head out to Home Hardware (great customer service) and explain my problem to the guy. He hands me 10 feet of hose and 2 clamps. Great! One trip and I'm good to go.

I get home, announce I've arrived with the solution to our problem and we're set. Except the hose is too small to connect to the dishwasher.

I return to HH, this time with the old drain hose in hand, and explain that it needs to be different sizes at either end. The guy is stumped. Luckily there's a plumber (Trevor) in the store who gives us the solution.

I return home and everything runs smoothly. Dad has already hooked up the intake lines and electrical, and we quickly attach the drain hose to the washer and the pipe.

All set!

I head to the basement and flick the breaker for the dishwasher... nothing.

What is going on!?!?

We check the electrical, and there is no power in the wires. ARGH!

I call the builder and leave a voicemail. Meanwhile Dad heads north to drain the pipes at the cottage.

The builder calls back and says they never tied the dishwasher lines into the box. 5 minutes later the dishwasher has power and the install is done. I run a quick test to make sure everything is kosher and it's all good.

Until I see a little stream of water slowly emerging from under the dishwasher. What the...!?!?

Apparently we forgot to tighten the drain hose that attaches to the dishwasher. I don't have time to mess around with this anymore, so I cut the power, throw the shamwow on the ground and head off to work.

My Dad stops by on his way home, tightens the hose and we're gravy.

It sounded so simple. Attached the hose that brings the water in, attach the hose that takes the water out, and hook up the power. Should take an hour or two tops.

Not exactly.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Remember Eek The Cat? (I used to love that show.)

There was a character on that show named "Sharky The Sharkdog". He would chase mailmen and terrorize Eek the Cat.

Since Crystal and I do not have any children to dress up, we decided to dress up our cockapoo, as a shark.
Not nearly as viscious as Sharky, but she did her best to bark at any trick or treaters that looked like they might cause trouble.
The best news? We have a TON of candy left over!