Thursday, November 4, 2010

Complications Arise

We're hosting Christmas this year, so a couple weeks ago Crystal and I bought a dishwasher to prepare for the mountain of dishes that will appear after our Christmas dinner.

Maybe I'm cheap (likely), or maybe I just like to do things myself (also likely), but I wanted to do the installation myself. I talked to my Dad (the expert) and we agreed on Thursday morning as the install date. I went out last weekend and got everything I thought I needed.

This morning I slept in a little and got ready for my Dad's arrival. I wanted to get started before he arrived, so I figured I could drill the holes in the cupboards for the hoses to run through. I got my drill, the correct bit, and was about to drill when I thought: do I drill it high or low?

So I called my Dad. (Higher than the pipe the hose drains into.)

So I started to drill. I barely finished my first hole (of three) and my drill died. Stupid battery. Luckily I keep the second battery charged for such a time. Second battery is also dead. Crap!

So I put the battery to charge, check my email, do some laundry and wait for Dad to arrive.

Dad arrives and we get crackin. We head into the basement where the electrical for the dishwasher is roughed in. A quick inspection and everything seems to be in order. He tests the wires, and there's no power running through them. That's good.

However, we discover that the drain hose is too short. I head out to Home Hardware (great customer service) and explain my problem to the guy. He hands me 10 feet of hose and 2 clamps. Great! One trip and I'm good to go.

I get home, announce I've arrived with the solution to our problem and we're set. Except the hose is too small to connect to the dishwasher.

I return to HH, this time with the old drain hose in hand, and explain that it needs to be different sizes at either end. The guy is stumped. Luckily there's a plumber (Trevor) in the store who gives us the solution.

I return home and everything runs smoothly. Dad has already hooked up the intake lines and electrical, and we quickly attach the drain hose to the washer and the pipe.

All set!

I head to the basement and flick the breaker for the dishwasher... nothing.

What is going on!?!?

We check the electrical, and there is no power in the wires. ARGH!

I call the builder and leave a voicemail. Meanwhile Dad heads north to drain the pipes at the cottage.

The builder calls back and says they never tied the dishwasher lines into the box. 5 minutes later the dishwasher has power and the install is done. I run a quick test to make sure everything is kosher and it's all good.

Until I see a little stream of water slowly emerging from under the dishwasher. What the...!?!?

Apparently we forgot to tighten the drain hose that attaches to the dishwasher. I don't have time to mess around with this anymore, so I cut the power, throw the shamwow on the ground and head off to work.

My Dad stops by on his way home, tightens the hose and we're gravy.

It sounded so simple. Attached the hose that brings the water in, attach the hose that takes the water out, and hook up the power. Should take an hour or two tops.

Not exactly.

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