Thursday, October 6, 2011

Losing A Lighthouse

By now you have no doubt heard of the passing of Steve Jobs. The man was a visionary leader who had a HUGE impact on all of our lives. (Even Mac haters) From the Macintosh computer, to the iPod, to the iPhone, we've all been impacted by his work.

No matter what I write, I don't think I could say it any better than THIS BLOG.

For all those who think different, the rebels, the misfits, those who see the world differently, Jobs gave us language. He gave us a way to show people who we are, what we believe. He gave us symbols, like beacons, so that we can more easily find those who believe what we believe. And most of all, he made us feel like we belong. He reminded us that the ones who see things differently are the ones who change the world.

I often feel like an outcast, like I don't belong. I tend to see the world differently from other people and Steve Jobs story gives me hope that I can still do something to impact the world for the better.

It's a lengthy video, but totally worth the 15 minutes to watch.