Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Truth Project

I began the day with an interesting conversation with a couple friends. You see, I attend a church that has a reputation as being soft on truth.

Where that reputation comes from... probably from people who have never been on a Sunday morning. (But that's another post for another day)

While talking to my friends, (who work at the church) this rumor came up in conversation, and they said it could not be further from the truth. In fact, the lead pastor takes quite a firm stand on truth.


[cue self reflection]

Which way do I lean? Both friends said they lean towards grace over truth. I think I would agree.

I struggle with speaking truth to people. If someone is making bad decisions, say eating unhealthy, it's hard for me to say "you should quit the fast food and try eating a little healthier." Or if a friend is watching some inappropriate movies, I'd probably not speak up and say they shouldn't do that. That's between them and God.

Maybe it's because I've experienced my share of judgemental Christians who do not speak truth with any love or tact. Maybe I've vowed to never be like them, and in response have swung too far the other way?

I spoke to our Jr High students about judging people inside the church, and how we're supposed to hold our Christian brothers/sisters to a higher standard, but it's not easy. I struggle with it.

We are saved by grace, nothing we do (or don't do) can punch our ticket to heaven. But we as Christians ARE called to a higher standard of living right? It's tough.

Where are you on the scale? Am I alone in these struggles?

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