Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My Very Own Criss Angel Puppy

The adventure continues! Today was the first day we had to leave Snax unattended, (Crystal and I were both at work). So we planned to leave Snax in the kitchen with a "gate" keeping her in there so if she does make a mess, we can just wipe it off the tile. Let me tell you it was tough to leave. Snax started to cry right away, and I could hear her all the way down the hall. I managed to make it out of the building without giving in to her guilt trip, and figured everything would be ok.

[Fast Forward to Dinner Time]

I come home, and I don't hear any crying as I walk up to the door. I slowly open it and look into the kitchen. All her toys are there, but Snax is not. I frantically jump over the gate and start opening cupboards, the firdge and even the oven hoping to find her. No dice. I walk over to the living room, and there curled up in one of Crystal's sweaters is our dog. "How did she get out?" I ask myself. The gate was still there, fully intact, how did she make it out here? I figured I'd put her back in the kitchen and observe her daring escape. Here's what I saw:

It seems she managed to chew herself an "L-shaped" hole that she could squeeze through and have the gate return back to normal. I could not believe how smart this dog was. There was no way I could be mad at her, it was so cute, and very resourceful. I think she has been watching too much Criss Angel on tv... She thinks she can pass through walls (or fences as the case may be).

What made it less deserving of punishment was that she didn't destroy anything, she didn't pop on the carpet, and as soon as she had to pee, she went on the special mat we got for her. Now I need to figure out another way to keep her out of trouble when we're out. Any suggestions?