Thursday, April 12, 2007


Hockey, Field Of Dreams, The Hills, Erwin McManus and Mat Kearney... These are just a few of the things I like. You can see the full list on my Facebook or MySpace. You can find out what activities I enjoy, what I'm intersted in, what's playing in my CD Player, what movies you can catch me watching on a rainy day, and other things I choose to let you in on. The key phrase there was "choose to let you in on."

We edit our profiles to reflect the person we want others to think we are. We post pictures so people think we live exciting lives, we post cool bands to establish our street cred, we post the accomplishments we are most proud of. We pick out the fun and exciting parts of our lives and put those on display. It's not lying, but it isn't the whole truth. Few of us are as hip as our profiles make us out to be.

Visit my Facebook or MySpace and you won't see a person that can be jealous, you won't see a person that doesn't want anything to do with Christianity on some days, a guy who feels like he'll never amount to much of anything, a guy who wishes the rapture would occur so he doesn't have to go to work that day. My profile doesn't say any of this because I don't want it to. That's ugly AJ, no one wants to see that. They'd rather see the fun AJ that's up there now.

It's not just online either... People do this everyday. Are you really as cool as the person you present to others? I know sometimes I walk around as "Facebook AJ." But that's not who I really am is it? I'm nowhere near perfect, I have flaws, I am selfish. Living as Facebook AJ is a crappy way to live. Do I really think people won't like the real AJ? This is where I am so glad for Crystal. She sees the real me, and she loves him despite his warts and blemishes.

If you too find yourself living as a cleaned up version of yourself, can I encourage you to do something? Find someone you trust, and tell them what you're struggling with. It frees you from whatever is holding you down, and also provides you with the support of that other person. Privately confessing to God you have a problem with anger or with your self-esteem is great, but you need someone to keep you accountable so you don't fall back into that rut.

In high school through college I used to struggle with viewing inappropriate stuff online. I could go to the front of the church every week and plead with God that he forgive me and I promised I wouldn't do it again, but whether it was a week or a month later I gave in to the temptation and then ended up pleading with God again. It wasn't until I took some drastic action and talked to my best friend and he made me accountable that I was able to overcome it. Sure I screwed up a couple times, but he encouraged me, prayed with me and kept me accountable and eventually I overcame it. So if there's anything you're struggling with I would recommend you confess it to a good friend and have them keep you accountable.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 - Usually used in weddings, but just because you're not married doesn't mean you can't have that person who, along with God, helps you to grow strong in your faith.

That's all for tonight... Time for my beauty sleep ;-)