Tuesday, May 1, 2007

GMA Hilites

Last night I gave you the rundown of what happened at GMA this year... Well tonight I spill the beans on what was the most entertaining. There were lots of hilites, but I'm going to pick a couple that will stand out in my mind.

1 - The Song Writer Showcase on Sunday Night
This was when they had the writers (not necessarily the performers) of the songs nominated for song of the year come on stage, tell the story behind the song and then sing it. For example, Stellar Kart's song "Me & Jesus." It was written by Ian Eskelin (of All Star United) so he came up on stage talked about the song and then sang it. That however, was not the hilite. Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Real got up on stage with just an accoustic guitar and sang "I'm Not Alright." Now you need to understand there was no rockin' band behind Matt, just an accoustic guitar. But did he wail! It was amazing! He belted out that chorus at the top of his lungs, and you could just feel the emotion and passion when he sang "I'M NOT ALRIGHT!" I can understand getting into a song when there's the entire band behind you, but all he had was an accoustic guitar. Matt blew me away.

2 - The Artists Were All SUPER Nice
You saw musicians and bands everywhere you went all week long, and you know what? They were really nice! I expected them to big league me most of the time, but they would stop and talk and at least seem like they were interested. The radio people, on the other hand had some egos. But big shots like Chris Tomlin, tobyMac, Family Force 5 would all stop and talk as long as you wanted to. Very impressed!

Overall it was a GREAT experience. Even if you aren't in the music industry I would recommend you check it out.

With Falling Up

With KJ-52

With Manafest

With Matt from Sanctus Real

With Nevertheless