Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mc Happy Anniversary

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my coming to Life 100.3... and you know how I celebrated? I worked at McDonald's for an hour this afternoon! Not only was this my 2 year, it was also McHappy Day. Tim Maassarany and I made our way over to the Mapleview McDonald's in Barrie today to try our hand at fast food. Now it may not seem like fast food when you order and then wait for your burger, but once you're in the back... IT'S TOTALLY FAST!

Tim and I were on bun duty, and it was much more complex than I figured it would be. You stand there and watch the order screen and when an order comes in then you put the bun into the toaster. Seems easy right? Not quite. If it's a cheeseburger you put in one kind of bun. If it's a quarter pounder it's another type of bun, and if it's a Big Mac... You guessed it, another type of bun. So when you start getting busy with all different types of buns you start to get mixed up. The toaster spits out all the buns you put in, then you have to take the hot buns and match them up so they fit right. Tim and I struggled. (I got yelled at a couple times)

Let me tell you I have a new found respect for people that do that on a regular basis... CRAZY! I'll take my warehouse jobs in high school over fast food... They were way easier!