Monday, May 7, 2007

Double Headers

This past weekend my baseball season kicked off with a double-header (2 games in a row) on Sunday afternoon. I was so excited I couldn't sleep on Saturday night. Sunday morning I got up and I had SO MUCH ENERGY! So I got dressed, grabbed my gear and headed down to my car. I got in and had Anberlin blasting through the stereo... This was not going to happen. I swapped it for Mat Kearney's disc and began to drive out to Midhurst. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, it was the perfect day for ball.

Game 1
We start the season with a bleacher-full of fans, who are very vocal. We loved it! Fans chirping at the other team, cheering us on. (Thanks to all who showed up) The fans were the inspiration we needed to keep the ball game close. We ended up losing 2-1. A hard-fought game, (we actually had bases loaded with one out and didn't score in the last inning) and we were as pleased as you can be with a loss.

Game 2
Embarassing! We made a ton of errors, didn't hit the ball at all, and just looked flat out sad. We lost 17-1. Did I mention the fans went home after Game 1? I think that's why we lost so bad. No fan support=no extra boost in energy=big loss.

So here's my challenge for our next home game (May 27) Let's pack the stands! Can we do it? I think so!