Monday, March 12, 2007

Tell Me Why...

I don't like Mondays. (It's a song by Bob Geldof) Today was an exception. It was a good Monday. We started off with the skating party in Newmarket. Much love to everyone who came out. (I got beat up by a 5 year-old)We had people come from all over... Barrie, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Uxbridge and Newmarket. With that kind of support, we'll be sure to do it again next year for you guys.

Then tonight I had Hollee, the Slammin' Intern sit in and watch me work tonight. She made me sandwiches, got me coffee and even shined my shoes for me! It was pretty entertaining. She asked all kinds of interesting questions, like when is it busiest, how can she win a cd, and what do I like least about my job. (The right answer is "nothing it's amazing") The phone lines were buzzing, Brian from Pefferlaw had kittens, and (apparently) I was in a good mood tonight. Good Times!
If you're tuned in at 98.9, we come up your way on Thursday for Life Bowling Day at Huntsville Bowl... GET READY!