Thursday, March 1, 2007


No blog yesterday because I was in Toronto to see Switchfoot. (It was my first time) I'll be honest with you, I went down thinking Switchfoot was overrated, but I had never seen them so I had to scratch that off my list. Well they impressed me. Jon Foreman interacted with the audience, his "talks" between songs were good, and the show was pretty solid. The coolest thing was that after the show we got "live bootlegs" of the first 7-8 songs.of the night. Yeah they ripped off hundreds of copies of the first hour (or so) of the concert for people to take home. I thought that was a pretty cool idea. I mean we have the technology, so why not do it right? So despite my dislike for their latest album, Switchfoot has now moved into the top 5 on my bands list. Here it is:
1 - Mat Kearney
2 - Relient K
3 - David Crowder
4 - Anberlin
5 - Switchfoot
Send me your top5 -
Catch ya tomorrow!