Wednesday, March 7, 2007

It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door

I've discovered a new hazard on the streets of Barrie... No it's not another driver, in fact it's not a living thing, and it'll be gone in another month. SNOWBANKS! Three times today the evil snowbank reared it's ugly head on me today. Once when I was coming off a side street making a right onto Essa Rd in Barrie. I couldn't see down the road to see if there were any cars approaching that would inhibit my ability to make the turn. I slowly crept out onto the road and (you guessed it) this civic comes flying down the road and zooms by me. Yikes! Next I'm on my way to work, and not once, but twice did someone pull out from behind a snowbank and make me swerve. It's dangerous business driving through Barrie right now. Take the extra precautions and "arrive alive."

That's all for tonight.
Until Tomorrow...