Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bowling For Croissants

My alarm went off this morning, and as I rolled over to turn it off my mind was flooded with excuses not to get out of bed. "I got home late last night, they'll forgive me", "I could sleep for another 30 minutes and grab a breakfast sandwich on my way in to work", "I don't need to shower today" and "I'm too comfy to get out of bed." I shook the sleep from my head and managed to roll out of bed onto the floor. OK, now I'm out of bed, time to get moving. I stumbled my way into the bathroom while my wonderful wife baked fresh croissants. I couldn't sleep in today, it was vital that I arrive at the station on time so we could make our way to Huntsville. Before we hit the road I jumped on the "Scott Jackson Experience" and gave a quick plug for Life Bowling Day in Huntsville. Alright now we're on the road, Junky at the wheel, I'm reading the Sports Illustrated that arrived in the mail yesterday. (Who makes global warming the cover story in a sports magazine?) I finish the magazine and a couple chapters of Soul Cravings before we arrive in Huntsville. After a couple missed turns, Junky manages to find the bowling alley. We unload the van and get ready for a fun afternoon. We get upstairs and I notice there's a problem... Only 8 lanes. What if we get more than 50 people? (It was the smallest bowling alley I'd ever been to) We figue out if we make people play in shifts, then we can hammer through the participants quickly and hopefully not annoy too many of them.

1 o'clock arrives and the bowling alley is already packed. People bowling, people playing pool, and people chatting around the table in the lounge. We implement the one and done rule and things seem to move along pretty smoothly. Then I'm told the bowling alley has run out of shoes. So the gathering crowd has taken all the size 8, 9 and 10 shoes. So then we implement the one and done rule for shoes too! Let me tell ya it was great. The turnout was amazing and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Little kids, to teens, to adults all having fun together... It was quite the sight. To everyone that was out this afternoon, Thank You! You guys were a blast and with this kind of response, we'll have to do it again!

Shooting some pool before their turn.

Granny style still works best

The happy crew!

Pastor Dan multi-tasking

Analyzing the shot

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