Monday, March 5, 2007

Different Strokes

"Different strokes for different folks" You've heard that phrase right? Well it's very true... This past weekend Crystal and I went to a murder mystery dinner in Downtown Toronto. It was SO fun! (I'll get into that later) On the way home, I decided to see if I could get back to Barrie using country roads and avoiding the 400, just one of those things I like to do. Try and discover some new towns, new ways of getting to Barrie. Crystal wasn't feeling any of it... She just wanted to get home as fast as possible. You see some people view driving as a way of getting from point "A" to point "B." Not me. Driving is an experience. It is a relationship between man and machine. When you hit the throttle, the car responds and when you go through that s-turn, (WHOA!) it is pure magic. I'm not a big fan of highways (or "freeways" for my American friends) They are too sterile, nothing much to see, just fly by on your way to wherever you're going. If you've never done it, try taking some backroads to your next destination... You might be a convert.

As for the Murder Mystery Dinner... It was so much fun. They provide the actors, and you're just a dinner guest. HOWEVER, they let you get involved if you want (you just be yourself). Well I was called up as a suspect in the murder, and I was grilled pretty good. I did manage to sneak in a plug for Life 100.3 though :-) At the end you get to guess who did it, and if you're right you were entered into the draw for a t-shirt and mug... I didn't win. But I did have a lot of fun, and would do it again next year for sure. If there's a birthday coming up, it's a good unique gift... Might be something worth looking into.