Monday, March 26, 2007

Some Weekendish News

This past weekend I attended a Young Adults coffeehouse thing at my church (Trinity). It was a lot of fun, good turnout and very friendly people. A lot of new faces, and new people that I connected with for the first time. I had some fun with one of them, at their expense, I introduced myself as Steve Jones. She (of course) took the bait and believed me. Which was fun at the time, but then I felt kinda bad for lying to her. I got over it eventually, but I love how trusting people are... Or maybe they aren't really listening to me? I probably could have told her I was a bounty hunter and she still would have said : "Uh huh... that's really cool."

Try that next time you meet someone new, make up some totally outlandish claim (like you're the heir to the throne in Tonga) and see if they believe you.