Friday, March 16, 2007

Friends and Family

So Tim Maassarany voiced his displeasure of my questioning how often he must visit his parents in Toronto. You see everytime I ask Tim if he wants to hang out, say on a Saturday, his excuse is always: "I'm going to my parents this weekend." or "I'm actually going to Toronto." He claims that he NEEDS to go home and see his folks, or hang out with his cousins in Toronto.

Here's my thinking... Tim, you left the womb over 20 years ago... It's time to grow up and become your own person. Sure it's great to see your family, but to go down every other week? I think that's overdoing it just a little. His parents came from Egypt... Did they go back to see their cousins every weekend? NO! So why must he? I know it may be a little harsh, but it's time to forge a path for your own life Tim... time to come out from under your parent's shadow and make your own mark on society. Don't get me wrong, hs parents are cool, and I love seeing my folks, but there comes a time in every young man's life... Forget it.

I make the big Face Full O Concerts draw on Monday! Make sure you're sitting by your phone!