Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I have to get something off my chest here... Can I do that? Cool thanks.

I feel like I should stop showing up to my baseball games. As you know, my team was in a tournament this past weekend and I missed the game Friday night because I was working. Well they won. That makes them 3-0 when I'm not there. That's right they have won every game they've played without the Wonderdog.

Saturday I got to play in both games, and guess how we did... WE LOST BOTH! That makes the team 0-13 when I'm in attendance. That's right they haven't won a game with the Wonderdog in the dugout.

By analysing the stats, you'd have to come to one conclusion... I'm causing the team to stumble. No one will admit it, but I bet they are all thinking it; "We need to kick AJ off the team." So Christian, Cooker, Gerry... Feel free to give me the old heave-ho. I can kinda see it coming.