Friday, July 20, 2007

The Circle Of Like

As I get older, I'm amazed at the things I begin to hold dear. As a kid I loved going to the cottage with my family. Days at the beach, smashing my brother's sand castles, playing in the water all fond memories of my time at the cottage as a kid. Then as I got older and started going to high school, the cottage wasn't all that appealing to me. You mean I have to leave my friends in Toronto and go hang out with my 'rents? Not my idea of fun. Now that I'm done with being a moody teenager that's too cool for everything family oriented, I love going to the cottage! My friends and I would spend weekends there, I lived there (a couple times), I've used it as a retreat. I'm going to spend the day there tomorrow with my family, taking Snax and Crystal with me. It's funny how it's kinda cyclical... I loved it, disliked it, and now the love returns!

Have a great weekend! Kick up your feet, relax and I'll see ya again on Monday!