Thursday, July 5, 2007

Playing Possum

I went golfing this morning with my buddy Dr Kent and Pasta Dave from Emmanuel in Barrie. We're all pretty average golfers, or so I thought. Let me explain. I've golfed with Dr Kent before, and we're pretty even (until he tries to be a hero and hits it into the trees), but this was my maiden voyage with Pasta Dave along side. Off the first tee he shanks it into the woods and never really recovers. His first hole was pretty sad. I expected more of the same for the rest of the round. I expected wrong. He comes out firing from that point on. Hitting bombs off the tee and throwing darts at the green. It was a serious case of Jekyll & Hyde. The guy was lights out after looking like he should be playing with the old ladies teeing off at 9:30.

I tell you this story to teach you a lesson. Don't play with Pasta Dave if you've got something on the line. (He's a shifty character, but a good guy otherwise.)