Monday, July 30, 2007

Air Raid 15 - The Aftermath

In case you missed it Saturday night, here's a quick recap of the action from Air Raid 15. We started off the night with a pretty ripper set from Silverlane. They tore it up on stage with familiar songs like "Last Fight", and a more slammin' version of "The Engineer". They only had 15 minutes, but they took the audience on a thrill ride for the quarter-hour they had.

Remote Control was the second band to take the stage, and they followed in the footsteps of their concert-mates from Orangeville. Jacob and Adam put on a high energy set, playing "Overboard" and "Salvos".
Next up was Orillia's own Worthless Without. They had a decent size following make the trek up to cottage country and they were a very noisy bunch. The crowd had made a mosh circle by the second song, and a handful of people were showing off their "dancing" skills.

By 9:00 it was time for the headliners to take the stage. It feels like I've seen Hello Kelly a hundred times, but everytime they always impress me more and more. Well they did it again at Air Raid 15! Not only do they sound like they do on the CD, but they put some such a sweet show! They are funny, slightly crazy and know how to get the crowd amped. They had everyone at Faith Baptist bouncing, singing and groovin' to the sweet vocal stylings of Hello Kelly. I don't quite understand why they aren't HUGE yet. They put on great shows, write super catchy songs and musically are very tight. Maybe it's just a matter of time for them.

If you missed Air Raid 15... You missed a wicked night. Don't make the same mistake again... Next time hitchhike your way to Air Raid 16, you won't regret it!