Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dental Observations

When I was a kid, I used to like going to the dentist... I got a toy and a toothbrush at the end. Now I can't say I really look forward to the dentist all that much. I paid my good dentist a visit today, and here are my observations:

- The hygenist does all the work. The dentist (the guy makin the scratch) only sees me for 10 minutes to double check the hygenist's work.
- My hygenist today gave me chap stick before holding my mouth opening for 30 solid minutes. I hate how my lips dry out at the dentist... Not today though. I was very impressed.
- My teeth didn't hurt on the way there... They hurt (and still do) on the way home.
- Scraping my teeth with that cold steel pick cannot be good for them.
- My teeth felt loose after they were done with me.
- I still don't floss, and I haven't lost my teeth yet. In fact they said I have very good oral hygene. The idea of flossing is a product of good market by floss companies.

I love my dentist though. He's a totally rad guy who's into skiing, mountain biking, and extreme pursuits of all kinds. See ya in 6 months Pete!