Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MxPx - Secret Weapon

Tonight I played the new album from MxPx track-by-track. I was kinda excited when I heard about the album... MxPx back on Tooth n' Nail, back to their roots, back to an emphasis on Christian radio. I was stoked. After hearing the album tonight, I'm not all that excited anymore. Maybe MxPx is back where they began cause they are in the twilight of their career? You may love the CD, but I was pretty disappointed with it. No super-catchy (Quit Your Life, Well Adjusted, etc) songs on it. Nothing that makes me say "WOW!" Nothing that comes close to touching the albums put out by tobyMac, Anberlin and Relient K earlier this year. It makes me sad to see MxPx go the way of the buffalo... I LOVED them in high school. But it seems they have seen all the success that they will achieve as a band. Soon they will be playing shows at Casino Rama (a sign you are truly washed up) and making appearances on "The Surreal Life" with Gary Coleman and Vanilla Ice. No one wants to see that. Maybe that's why they say "quit while you're ahead."