Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scared Snotless

I did something today that scared the snot out of me... I went and had acupuncture done on my ailing elbow. It seems years of playing baseball has taken a toll on my elbow and I need to have it fixed to eliminate the pain I am feeling. A good buddy of mine is a doctor and so I decided he could do this acupuncture thing and maybe it would help me. There's one problem though. I HATE needles. I pass out when I have blood taken, I squirm when I get booster shots, I HATE needles. So I got up this morning and I was regretting my decision to book this appointment. I showered, shaved and ate some breakfast. If I was going to be carted off the the hospital I wanted to be clean. I arrived at Dr Kent's and he greeted me with a smile and ushered me into the treatment room. (He was much more professional than he normally is when we're kickin' it on the golf course) I was freaking out on the inside, and despite my best efforts it probably showed on the outside. He tried to calm me down and told me not to watch. It didn't hurt at all, just felt kinda funny at some points and I could not stop sweating. Soon I felt like I was going to pass out and my vision started to blur a little... I was officially having a meltdown. He must have noticed, because he began to try to distract me from the treatment. Asking "How was Air Raid?" and "How's Crystal doing?" Once the needles were in place it was time for me to chill... I had some trouble relaxing with numerous needles firmly in my skin. He did a good job of making it comfortable for me, except for the pillow. It felt like plastic and didn't absorb any sweat. ("Would you want to be lying on someone else's sweaty pillow" was Kent's reasoning) After about 20 minutes it was time to remove the pointy rods from my skin. This was probably the best part. I got up off the treatment table and there was a puddle where I had been. (It was kinda nasty) Overall I'd say it was a good experience. Not only will my elbow be getting better, I might get over my fear of needles! I may have to if I want to make it through. I go back Thursday morning.
This guy seems to be enjoying it... no?