Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Music Tuesday

OK, I know it's not the kind of new music Tuesday you'd hear on LIFE 100.3, but I've been discovering some pretty freakin good music lately that I thought I'd share.

Andrew Peterson
He released a new album today (Counting Stars), but he's not really a newcomer to the music scene.  His first cd made CCM magazine's list of Top 10 Albums of 2000.  His song Family Man was nominated for a Dove Award in 2004.  Despite his past success, I just discovered this guy a couple days ago.  Check out his debut single off his new CD - Dancing In The Minefields

Breanne Duren
She's been working with Owl City the past couple of years, and has recently released some music of her own.  My favourite is probably Daydreams.

Ben Rector
Ben is a newcomer to the scene, just releasing his second album (Into The Morning) earlier this year.  My favourite song is likely Disarm, but since I couldn't find a video for that one, here's another gem - Moving Backwards

Paper Route
Paper Route formed 6 years ago, but have just recently started to make waves in the music scene.  They were named one of the top 10 bands to watch in 2010, and (what put them on my radar) are admittedly one of Jon Foreman's favourite bands.  Look for them on tour with The Almost and Switchfoot in the near future.  My favourite song? - Carousel

Any others I'm missing?


  1. I love Ben Rector! Good to know I'm not completely alone in my Ben-appreciation. (Most of my friends: "Ben who?")

  2. I LOVE Paper Route.

    Thanks for sharing. I like what you're selling.

  3. I'm digging your choices brother. I like the Ben Rector guy. Think I'll pick it up on itunes.