Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dreams Into Reality

Tonight I had Aaron Murphy and Stephen Greenwood from Travel Talk join me on The Slam, and while their web-show is very entertaining, it is what it means for the rest of us that excites me. 

Anyone can live their dreams

10 years ago there is no way Travel Talk could happen.  No way a trio of guys, fresh out of college, could make a short-form show and have it seen by people around the world.  But that's the beauty of the interweb and the freedom of information/entertainment/media we currently experience.

You want to make a show about travel?  You want to put write and direct a short film?  You want to release a song you wrote?  You want to share your artistry with the world?  You can do all that, and there is no limit to the amount of exposure your work can get.  You can see your dreams become reality faster, cheaper and easier than ever before.

Three guys, armed with a couple of cameras, a macbook and a sense of adventure can put together a 10-15 minute show on a shoestring budget and have it seen by people around the world. 

Amazing times we live in.

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