Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trust... It's An Issue

This weekend Crystal and I are travelling to Erie, PA to knock #11 off her 30 by 30 list. Seeing as how we just bought a house, we need to be frugal with our spending, so I took it upon myself to find accommodations for very little money.

So where did I start? Hotwire? Expedia? Travelocity?


Here's how it works:
1 - People sign up (for free) and provide some info on the accommodations they have available. (Couch, air mattress, futon, etc)
2 - Other members can search for a "couch" and contact the host through the website. In this case I contacted people in Erie, PA.
3 - The host can accept or decline the request.
Simple huh?

Well, Crystal was a little freaked out by it all. Staying at a stranger's house, who I contacted through a website, and have never met before. She afraid we'll be murdered as we sleep.

That possibility hadn't even crossed my mind.

I agreed we won't stay with anyone who is single (nothing against single folks), no students, and no people with creepy profile pics. I managed to find a married couple who has agreed to let us crash at their place, (even invited us to their vegan potluck) and Crystal felt better about it.

I still had to promise we won't be murdered.

I think this is an awesome way to travel. Not only is it cheaper, you get to meet people and maybe build a friendship in the process.

Crystal (and my parents) think I'm too trusting. What do you think? Would you do it?

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  1. i think you're brave! i probably wouldn't do it myself for a couple of reasons...

    #1. being a single woman who usually travels by myself, i'm not about to spend a night alone in a house with people i don't know. even when i stay in hotels i always check out the area where i'm staying, read reviews other travelers have posted and check out the safety of the place i am staying.

    but, perhaps most importantly...

    #2. when i travel, i want someone else to make my bed.