Friday, April 30, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

For Favourite Things Friday this week I've decided to post 3 of my favourite articles of clothing.

This hoodie is amazing.  I wear it in the winter, I wear it in the summer.  (It's more like a jacket I suppose)  It blocks the wind, it keeps me dry, and it's indestructible.  I bought it almost 10 years ago, and spent about $100. (My mom thought I was crazy)  

But in those 10 years it's travelled through Europe, gone on numerous camping expeditions, and survived many a beatings.  

I remember longboarding home one night last summer and normally I walk down the big hill heading into downtown Barrie, but this time I decided to ride it out.  Bad idea.  I caught a bit of a speed wobble and down I went.  I managed to throw my shoulder into the pavement, saving my beautiful face, but I was worried about my beloved hoodie.  Surely this thing was shredded after my belly flop and subsequent slide.  I picked myself up off the ground and unzipped my hoodie.  Nothing.  Seriously, no breakage in the fibres, never mind a rip.  It's bombproof.

Last summer Crystal made me go through my collection of boardshorts and count how many I had.

13 pairs.

We weeded through them and managed to dispose of 5 pairs, leaving me with the nine you see here.

Each pair has a specific purpose.  I have 5 pairs I'll wear to the beach.  1 pair for pool swimming. 1 pair for hot tubbing.  1 pair that goes in my glovebox, "just in case".  And 1 pair for everyday "normal shorts wear".  Some of them are "fat shorts," for when I feel chubby.  Some of them are "skinny shorts," for those times the other other shorts might be too big.

I know I'm starting to sound like a girl, so I'll stop there.

LEVI'S 501'S
These jeans are a recent addition to my fashion arsenal.  I believe they are my first pair of Levi's as well.  You see in the past I'd always bought whatever jeans were cheap.  Old Navy had a jean sale?  I bought there.  PacSun usually has a 2 for $40 sale when I go to the U.S.  But after wearing through the thinner denim (with wipeouts like the one above) I decided this time I wanted "real" jeans.  Jeans that would last.

So I made my way down to the Levi's outlet in Cookstown and tried on a couple of pairs.  I had the 501, 507, 514 and 527 fits in the room with me.  It took a while (I actually bought the 527's and then went back 10 minutes later) but I eventually settled on the classic 501's.

This is my first pair of jeans with a button-fly which was annoying at first, but now I look down on my other pair of jeans with its zipper.  Those things are dangerous, are you trying to hurt me?  Button-fly is where it's at.

So there are 3 of my favourite articles of clothing.  What are yours?

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