Friday, April 9, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

After the beauty weekend we had last week, I thought we could finally put the winter boots, hats and coats into storage. Well this morning I got up and Twitter was abuzz with flurries in Toronto, and this afternoon Barrie got a healthy dose of April flurries. So, seeing as how I had to bring the warm layers out of the basement today, I thought I'd give you my favorite warm weather activities.

I can't remember how I first discovered skimboarding. (Maybe it was on Laguna Beach, or maybe it was through my buddy Kent) It is a little-known sport, but it seems to be growing in popularity. Skimboarding on the coast is very different from skimming in Ontario. We don't have an abundance of shorebreak or big waves, which makes the more surf-inspired skimming difficult. Instead we ride what's known as flatland skimming, more like skateboarding.
The idea is to run, drop the skimboard, jump on the board and then perform tricks, ride rails, or just cruise. (see video at the end of this post)
I love the feeling of cruising on top of the water, plus it's exercise! A win-win.
When you first start out there's a lot of falling, scraped knees/arms and it can be frustrating. But stick with it, and it becomes like second nature. Driving up to my secret skim spot for dawn patrol is a beauty way to start off the work day.

Cliffjumping incorporates 2 of my favourite things: rock-climbing and jumping into water. In college we used to drove to Elora to go jump the cliffs into the old quarry. We quickly learned that if you wear shoes, it makes the entry into the water a little more comfortable.
Last year on the Wonderdog's Wakeboard Weekend I asked if there were any cliffs we could session before heading back to camp. Our driver found us this 45-foot beauty in Port Sydney. It was such a rush. I had jumped 25-footers before, but this was almost twice that!
I volunteered to go first, so I inched out to the edge, and looked down. (Bad idea) Our boat looked like a toy, bobbing in the water below. I managed to muster up the courage to huck myself off this cliff face, and after what felt like an eternal free fall hit the water. It was a beautiful thing.
I quickly swam back over to the rock and climbed up again for a second jump. What a rush! Definitely going to have to scout out some more cliffs this summer.

Let me start off by saying golf is not an old man's game. It's a slower paced game, but it's not necessarily for the elderly. After college I worked in the kitchen at a golf course for 2 reasons: 1-I got free golf, 2-I learned to cook. Playing everyday I actually became pretty good too, regularly shooting in the 70's.
But what I love most about golf is the social aspect. 4-5 hours of uninterrupted time with my Dad is always fun, and with our busy schedules doesn't happen nearly enough. Business gets done on the golf course, because you develop a bond with your golf buddies. You talk, you joke, you build a relationship and that relationship can lead to a business deal. It's a beautiful thing.
If you're ever looking for a fourth, give me a call!

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