Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do Or Die

Tomorrow night it is the biggest hockey game of the year for the Estonian team. The past 2 years we have domnated the Baltic Cup, and emerged victorious when the final buzzer sounded.

We were expecting more of the same this year. Maybe that was the problem.

We lost a close match to the Latvian team we beat 8-2 a couple weeks earlier, meaning tomorrow night's game takes on a whole new meaning. It's simple really, win and we're in. If we beat Lithania we face Latvia in the finals. Lose or tie, and we're done. It's an unfamiliar position for our squad, but I remain confident we'll bring our "a-game" and have a chance at redemption in the finals next week.

The epic battle begins tomorrow night at the Mastercard Centre at 6:15. We're hoping for a solid turnout of fans wearing the blue. black and white.

Win, lose or draw, I'll post the result tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

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