Friday, April 9, 2010

Favourites Things Friday - Encore!

As a Dallas Stars fan, this has been a tough year. Yes, they missed the playoffs last year, but they were ravaged by injuries. This year they would be better, or so I hoped.

Up until last week, the Stars were the only team to not win 3 games in a row this year. (Even the Leafs won 3 in a row) They were out of the playoffs by the Olympic break, and the team is reportedly up for sale. It has been a difficult year.

The Stars have one final game this season, Saturday in Minnesota (the city they left in 1993), and that will likely be the final game in the career of my favourite player, Mike Modano.

Mo was the 1st overall draft pick of the Minnesota North Stars in 1988, I was still a Leaf fan at that point in time. Although I was cheering for the blue and white, there was something about this Modano guy. Every time he touched the puck, it was like a bolt of electricity went through the crowd. Something amazing was going to happen. His skating was effortless, he seemed to hit top speed instantly, his shot was wicked fast, and he was a classy guy.

In 1993 the Leafs broke my heart, and I swore it would be the last time I would be hurt. So if I have to choose a new team, why not cheer for my favourite player? The team had just moved to Dallas and my allegiances moved with them.

The Stars went on to win the cup in 1999, and lost to New Jersey in the finals in 2000. Mike Modaono was a key piece to their success. The Stars added a young stud between the pipes by the name of Marty Turco in 2002, and he quickly became my #2. Now both Modano and Turco are set to play their final game for Dallas. Modano will most likely retire, and Turco will likely not be brought back by Stars management.

They played their final game in Dallas last night, and what a way to end it. Modano scores to tie the game, and then scores the winner in the shootout. Turco makes some big stops to keep his team in the game, and Jere Lehtinen (also on his way out of town) scores the clincher. WOW!

I watched this video and lost it. If you don't cry, you're dead inside.

So what do I do now that my 2 favourite players are gone? Sure I still like guys like James Neal and Brad Richards, but Modano and Turco had a special place in my heart.

Mike Modano - a class act all the way. He will forever be my favourite player.

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