Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Contests Are Fun

Working at LIFE 100.3 is a lot of fun. Like going to concerts and calling it "work," it's pretty sweet. But there are some drawbacks, like not being able to play the contests. Scavenger hunts, musical chairs, trips to warm destinations... Nope. Not allowed.

So, I must look elsewhere to fulfill my dietary need to win. Enter the "Best Travel Job Ever" contest. Combine my love of contests with my love for travel and you've got a winner! All you have to do is upload a video explaining why you should win.

Crystal and I decided to enter the contest, but instead of just standing in front of the camera explaining why we should win, we decided to get creative. We put our collective heads together and came up with a sure-fire winning idea.

"Things We Can't Do If We Don't Win The Best Travel Job Ever."

Now we just needs the votes to get us in front of the judges. We'd like to be in the top 10, and we need your help. PLUS, if/when you vote for our amazing video, you're entered to win a $500 travel voucher from Air Canada.

So help a brother out, vote HERE

And here's our super-fantastic video:


  1. oh wow, that video is AMAZING.
    highlight: snax dressed up as a giraffe! let's have a playdate adn dress our dogs up in embarrassing outfits lmao!!!

    i'm voting for you guys RIGHT NOW!

  2. A giraffe? I thought he was a lion. =)
    But yeah, it is good.