Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feelin' Like Columbus

Another beauty day today, so I decided to take Snax for a walk. Instead of walking around our neighbourhood I got in the car and drove 15 minutes and went for a walk through the forest. I'd never been to these woods before, but had driven by on my way to work a couple times. So Snax and I decided to explore.

We followed the path into the woods and began our adventure. 10 minutes in and Snax has already climbed to the top of the hill, meanwhile I'm lumbering on starting to feel the heat of the spring sun on my black hoodie. We spent upwards of two hours walking through this forest, over fallen logs, around weathered tree houses, through slushy snow and slippery mud. I let Snax lead the way out, and somehow despite all the turns we took she still managed to find her way back to the car. I seriously think she's the smartest dog in the world.

On our walk I realized something; I love to explore. Discovering new places excites me. I think if I were born 500 years earlier I think I would have been best friends with Sir Francis Drake. I think I was born curious... born to explore and discover. Too bad I'm not an astronaut.

P.S. - Some St Patty's Day humor for you. In March 2006, apparently there was a leprechaun loose in Mobile, Alabama. Why do these things only happen in the southern U.S.?

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