Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily Readings

I'm not sure if you have a list of blogs you visit on a regular basis, (hopefully you read this one regularly), but I do. In fact, there are 132 blogs I read everyday... sort of. There are 132 blogs I follow in my Google Reader, not all of them post everyday. 132 seems like a lot, so I'm not going to list them all; instead I'm going to give you 5 of my favs.

I love to travel, and Gadling is my daily dose of travel tips/destinations/stories/inspiration. Not to mention once a week they post Gadling's Travel Talk, a very cool show available only on their blog (and iTunes). It has inspired me to start dreaming up my own web tv show. Totally do-able, all I need is a video camera. A VERY cool blog that you check out.
(about 10 new posts/day)

Carlos Whitaker is (as he calls it) an artist, pastor, thinker and experience architect. He is a super cool guy and very down-to-earth. His blog often challenges me in my walk with God, and how I view the world. Not to mention the community on the blog is pretty sweet. Check it out.
(1 or 2 new posts/day)

Seth Godin is an incredibly smart man when it comes to the business world. He's written a number of books and everyday he challenges me and my views of how business is done. He might be called a... um... poop disturber by some corporate types, but often those people are needed for society to keep moving forward. A highly recommended read for leaders in business or ministry.
(1 or 2 new posts/day)

Mark Batterson is and author and the lead pastor at National Community Church in Washington, DC. On our trip to DC we went to NCC, and I thought it was pretty cool. They don't have an actual building, they meet in movie theaters around the DC area. They DO own a coffee shop down the street from Union Station though. Ebenezers is the sort of thing I imagine The Republic becoming, a cultural hub. Mark's blog, like his books, talks a lot about dreams and going after your dreams. I'm a dreamer. I like his blog.
(2 posts/day)

The author of this blog is by far my favourite person in the world. She's smart, witty, sexy, super-talented and also happens to be my wife. She's an incredibly talented writer, and even though the posts are infrequent, they are always worth a read. She's also the author of another blog (YKWIH) that is based on the rants of her cubicle-mate.
(Posts a couple times a week)

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  1. I'm going to check out all of them because I trust your judgement.
    In terms of the last one, when I read "sexy" I was like ":O AJ YOU'RE MARRIED!!!!!" and then when I found out it was your wife's blog I was very relieved hahahaha!