Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Update

This past weekend was a busy one for me. Friday Crystal and I went to see the Fray on Friday night, and then I headed back down to Toronto on Saturday to take part in my league's All-Star game.

The Fray on Friday
I wasn't permitted to bring my camera in, so I don't have any pics right now. I'm going to hunt some pictures down and post my review of the show tomorrow night.

All-Star Game
Saturday my baseball team went down to the Jays game, and watched as the Jays beat the snot out of the Colorado Rockies. After the game a handful of us went to our cars and grabbed our gear, getting ready for our turn on the Rogers Centre floor. The Ontario Senior Baseball League is sponsored by the Blue Jays, and they gave us playing time at the dome. The league decided to use the time for our All-Star game. I had never played at the dome, so I was pretty stoked even just to run on the field. I started at shortstop and played 4 innings. Got 2 at bats and wlaked both times. Sucks I know, I wanted to actually hit theball, but the pitcher didn't give me anything to swing at. Our conference lost the game 6-4 thanks to some sloppy fielding and untimely miscues on the basepaths. Despite the loss I still had a blast and can't wait for my next chance to play on the big field.

The dome isn't any bigger than our stadium in Barrie, but it felt so much bigger. The throws seemed longer, the hits seemed to be shorter and it was SO quiet with only 100 people in the stands. The field felt funny too. It was much stickier than normal grass and dirt. I dove for a ball and got rugburn on my arm. The dirt around homeplate was really sticky too. It gave me a whole new respect for what the pros do day in and day out.

The countdown begins to next year's game! (If I make it)

My lead off first base

I made it all the way to third (and eventually scored!)

The Barrie Brewers were well represented on Saturday (L to R) Fitzy, Christian, Cooker and Shawn all showed well.

This weekend (Thursday-Monday) we host the big tournament in Barrie. Teams coming from the US, Quebec and all over Ontario. If you're looking for something to do, come to the Barrie Community Sports Complex and check it out!