Thursday, June 28, 2007

Swing & Swear - aka: Golf

This morning I went golfing for the first time this season... I'd love to be able to get out more often. There's something special about golf, especially if you decide to walk the course. Hanging out with 3 other guys, no cell phones, blackberrys or distractions. It's 4 hours of hang time with no worries. It's great!

People don't understand it's so much more than just trying to put a little while ball in a hole in the ground. It's the bond between friends, it's the opportunity to escape from the daily grind, it's the pursuit of perfection. Sure you take 90-100 swings and only a handful are good, but it just takes one good shot to keep you coming back. You think to yourself: "I could make shots like that more often." Your buddies all rave about that shot you hit, and it just feels so good. I'm hoping Thursday mornings become my regular golf day... Any takers