Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Fray - finally!

I managed to find some pictures of the Fray concert this past Friday night (thanks to Laurie in Peterborough), so here it is! The long-awaited review of the concert.

I went to the concert knowing maybe 3 or 4 songs by the Fray really well, so I wasn't sure how I would feel about the show when it was all said and done. The set-up on the stage was pretty sweet. They had these lantern-style lights hanging from the ceiling which were pretty sweet. (see the last picture) They also had thousands of lights hanging behind the band which were see through when they were off, but when they were turned on became a giant video screen. (see 3rd picture) So during "How To Save A Life" they had this sepia-toned home video playing, chronicling the childhood of these 2 boys. It was probably the hilite of the show for me. So technically it was a pretty sweet show... Lots of lights and interesting stage set-up.

As for the band's performance... Not quite as good. You see, The Fray aren't the kind of band that's going to make the crowd move a whole lot. So they need to be able to do something else. (The Dave Matthews Band for example will jam for 5+ minutes, showing off their musical abilities.) The Fray didn't do "something else." It was pretty much exactly like it was on the CD. Maybe it's because they were in this giant amphitheatre, you lose the intimate feel. I think if they would have played in a small club (maybe 1500-2000 capacity) the show would have been amazing. The Fray is more of a club/coffeehouse style band, not one that plays at big venues. Their songs are the kind you listen to in front of a fire with a hot bevie in your hand. At least that's how I see their music being used.

It was a very chilly night down on Lake Ontario, and maybe that plays a role in the rating. Overall I would give it a 5/10. The technical aspect of the show was pretty sweet, but not enough to give it a solid grade.