Friday, June 1, 2007

Brookelynn The Prospect

A couple weeks ago I gave a tour of the radio station to a lovely family that came by the radio station. Once the tour was done one of the girls asked me how they could get a job at Life 100.3. I replied: "You gotta talk to Scott Jackson" (I know scaring her was mean, but I'm not a nice person.) After Scott scared the snot out of this young lady, he said she could come and sit in on an episode of the Slam. So after much schedule analysis tonight was the night! I'm sure you didn't notice her, (she was VERY well behaved) but she was in studio for the entire night. I'm hoping I didn't squash her dreams of becoming a "radio personality," most people think it's something that it's not. She says she still wants to take my job from me... Maybe she will?