Monday, June 4, 2007

The Slammin' Butler

So Jean-Guy made his first appearance on the Life 100.3 website today... If you didn't see it he's got a mic in front of his face so you can't really see what he looks like. Well I think there's a reason for this, (and it's simple). They are afraid he's going to come over to the Slam! I mean the music is better, the listeners are more fun, and he'd get to sleep in!

They have 4 people running the show in the mornings. (Ben, Woody, Tim & Jean-Guy) You've got to be kidding me! They need 4 guys?!? They hardly do anything in the morning. No Top 8@8, No All Request Hour and no Slammin' Christian Hits. They play Avalon and Phillips, Craig, & Dean all the time! I think they are treating Jean-Guy poorly.

My Slammin' friends I need your help. Email Ben & Woody ( & and let them know we slammers are going to get to Jean-Guy and let him know there's a better world waiting for him at night! "Jean-Guy - The Slammin' Butler" sounds good!