Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Non-Fiction?

Let me start off by saying I did the Purpose Driven Life thing and (while it was good) it didn't blow me away. Rick and his Hawaiian shirts didn't score many points in my books. HOWEVER, I am a fan of Rick Warren, but not for that book. I'm impressed with how he has dealt with the fame that accompanied writing the best selling non-fiction book of all time (other than the Bible). His stance on a lot of hot-button issues, his unwillingness to pervert the gospel and his genuine desire to see people reached for Jesus have scored him big points with me.

I read an interesting transcript of a panel discussion (I guess) from a pew research forum in which Rick covers a lot of ground, including his finances.

I actually retired when the book came out. Most of you know that I tithe 90 percent. When you write the best-selling book in English history, second to the Bible - The Purpose Driven Life is the most translated book in the world except for the Bible. It's in over a hundred languages. Friends, it's tens of millions of dollars. The income is tens of millions of dollars.

He goes on to talk about his 90% tithe and the various charities he's started. Really interesting stuff!
It's too bad the guys who get all the press are the ones who condemn the Teletubies and try to burn Dan Brown's books.

Check out the full transcript HERE

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  1. I hear two things about Rick Warren.

    1 - The Purpose Driven Life. (And I think it's an easy read.)

    2 - Rick tithes 90%.

    It's amazing that he tithes 90%. It seems to be one of the things associated with Rick Warren. As remarkable as it is it's too bad that's what we remember.