Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do What No One Else Is Doing

Yesterday I posted about churches doing something new in an effort to reach new people. Well today I have another example of a church that seems to be trying something new. Soul City Church is leveraging social media to build a new kind of church. Good on them! I think we need these kinds of out of the box thinkers to take the church to the next level.

I heard a guy tell the story like this: 30 years ago Amtrak was faced with a decision, do they evolve with the changing times (air travel was gaining in popularity), or do they stick with what they've been doing all along (trains). They decided "We do trains. We're a railway company." This decision cost them HUGE! Had they looked at it a little differently and said "We're in the transportation business" they would own the airlines.

This can apply to everyone. The local tv stations that are asking for more money, are they in the tv business, or in the media communications business? (including youtube, blogs, twitter & facebook) Publishers, are they in the book business or in the education and entertainment business?

Sure PC's have taken a beating lately with Apple's resurgence, but IBM made the jump from business to personal computing and in the process managed to avoid irrelevance. Had they said "we're in the business of computers for corporate use, I'm not sure if we'd have the joy of using Windows 7.

Just something that has been on my mind lately. Are we embracing new technology and thinking big picture, or are we just a "train company?"

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  1. Everybody thinks they are "outside of the box" thinkers because it gives them self-comfort. How many people are actually out on the limb?