Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Man Of The Year

A couple weeks ago I reached into my mailbox and pulled out the Sports Illustrated "Sportsman Of The Year" edition. The good folks at SI happened to think Michael Phelps was worthy of the cover, and I can see why. I however had a different person in mind. Josh Hamilton. His story is like a fairy tale.
A golden boy, a can't miss prospect, gets involved with the wrong crowd and ends up blowing his fortune on a life of drugs, liquor and late night parties. But the story doesn't end there. He manages to get his life together and returns to baseball. In 2008 he leads the league in RBI's and puts on a show for the ages in the final All-Star game at Yankee Stadium. It's an incredible tale of a guy who got a second chance... and it's beautiful.

Who gets your nod as Man/Woman Of The Year?

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