Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Clearing The Air

Let me clear the air about my feelings towards winter. It's not that I dislike the snow... it's the context that the snow falls in. For example: If I'm spending a week at Mammoth or Big White, then I'm praying for a healthy dumping of white gold every night. Then I love snow. I love spending an epic day on the mountain with a couple feet of fresh pow, then coming in to the chalet and watching the sun set from the hot tub. Followed by a hearty supper feast. In that context I love snow. I watched some vids from Poorboyz and Matchstick today and I was ready to throw my gear in the car and go build some kickers in a field somewhere. (But I had to go to work) There are times that I love snow!

There are times when I'm not a fan of snow. Like when I have to drive around Barrie in it. Trying to get up the many hills the city offers becomes a challenge in my little car.

My point is, I love snow... as long as I can take advantage of it.


  1. I totally understand!
    I hate snow, until I get to the hill and start to ride. Then I love it.

    P.S. - I'm going to win that snowboard!

  2. I make do with the snow by going snowboarding. I'd much rather have it be sunny and warm though. I hate looking in the mirror and looking like a ghost.