Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gift Card Christmas

For Group Therapy Thursday tonight we asked if it was ok to do a "gift card Christmas." Here's the scenario:
Luke has trouble buying gifts for his family. They are extremely hard to buy for. So Luke decided it would be easier to just get them all gift cards. That way he spends exactly what he budgets for, and it's a lot easier than searching for the elusive "perfect" gift. When Luke told his buddies they said gift cards are cop-outs, that they aren't real gifts. So Luke has a decision to make... Does he ditch the gift card idea?

What do you think?


  1. Gift cards are the easy way out... no thought required... and it's the thought that counts right?

  2. Sometimes a gift card is the best thing to get someone. It depends on the person. For example, what someone really wants might be clothes. But buying clothes for someone can be dangerous (especially if it's a girl!) - get them a gift card and they get exactly what they want. They may not be as fun to open, but they're fun to spend and they keep Christmas going for months after it's over.

  3. Depends on how personal or impersonal you intend it to be. No hard and fast rule. If YOU feel like its lame or a cop out when you purchase for a particular person, then it probably is. Therefore buy only "guilt free".

  4. Gift cards are stupid. Usually people give you a list of stuff they want... Put in the extra effort to find something from the list.