Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Got My Camera Back

Over 10 weeks ago I took my camera in to Henry's because it wasn't working properly. After a quick inspection we discovered one of the shutter blades had gotten jammed and it was affecting the light meter and resulting in crappy pictures. Good news was the lens was still under warranty and it wasn't going to cost me anything. So we sent the lens back to the manufacturer and they said it'll be 4-6 weeks before I get it back. OK, no worries. The wakeboard weekend was 6 weeks after that date, so I figured I'd have it back in time for Base Camp. Not so. They had to send it back to Japan to get it fixed, and it took over 10 weeks. I got a call today saying it had arrived back in store and I could come pick it up at my earliest convenience. I went as soon as I could over my dinner break. I missed taking pictures. As soon as I got home I started taking random shots around my condo, and Snax was my model for the majority of them. I took about 50 pictures and I think the dog was tired of me following her around snapping pictures every 5 seconds. Here's some of my handywork. I'm happy to have a functioning camera again!