Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Camera Work

I was watching the baseball game today and I noticed a disturbing trend. Every time they went to the crowd for a shot, it was always an attractive person who got face time. Seriously! Great play, they go to the crowd and they show an Abercrombie model reacting to the play. The inning ends and they go to a quick shot of the crowd before heading to commercials and it's a blonde bombshell that fills the screen. Are you telling me the only people who go to baseball games are models? Do they screen people at the entrance send the less than beautiful fans to the seats that no tv camera dares to access? Where's this guy (below) at the ball game? He's there! Just not on tv.


  1. I was at a Jays game a couple weeks ago and it seemed like I was surrounded by guys like that. Adds some atmosphere when you're sitting with them. You can't help but laugh when they yell at the players.

  2. Who would you rather see on tv? I don't have a problem with pretty ladies on the tube.